Professional Makeup Artist

7 Day - Professional makeup course

Fee: ₹35,000/-
1 week course (7 days)
Mornings: Demonstration
Afternoons: Practice session

7 days professional makeup course by taarini makeovers by prerna


Day 1


  • Evolution of Makeup
  • Concept of HD makeup and how it correlates to Cameras, Screens and lighting.
  • Color Theory and its importance in makeup
  • Understanding the temperature of Colors in Makeup
  • Understanding the concept of skin tones and undertones
  • Skin Theory relevant to Makeup
  • Comprehensive Makeup Brushes knowledge
  • Thorough Makeup products Knowledge: their formulations and differences.
  • Face structures and identifying parts of face and eyes for makeup
  • Lighting and its impact on Makeup
  • How to invest in Makeup kit for initial work
  • How to start building social media presence
  • All about freelancing
  • Client management

Day 2
Natural Skinfinish Makeup with duo-Chrome pigment eyes and Cat eyeliner.

Day 3
Dewy/Glossy Makeup with Spotlight/halo eyes.

Day 4
Waterproofing the base with Concept of Face structuring and Matte Smokey
eyes with Glitter eyeliner.

Day 5
Concept of whole face concealing and structuring with colorful Cut crease eyes and angel eyeliner.

Day 6
Taarini’s signature Bridal Makeup look.

Professional makeup course by taarini makeovers by prerna
Day 7
Bridal shoot & Certification.



  • All students will receive a goodie bag containing a professional makeup Brush set, blender, powder puff, cleansing wipes, palette & spatula which is included in the course and will belong to the students and they will use the same during the course.
  • Models for practice sessions will be provided by the academy. Important note: All makeup products for practice will be provided by the academy.
  • dress and jewelry for bridal shoot is not included in the course. Students will be given references or options for various outfit rental shops and they can choose as per their budget.

Photographer for the shoot will be provided by the academy.