What's in our makeup bag?


Author :- Khushi Gupta

Hello guys! Welcome back to MEU Cosmetics. We hope you’re doing good as we are frustrated here. We have a big to do list and it starts with clean your makeup bag. And being a makeup enthusiast, it’s going to take a lot of time. Not only this, cleaning the makeup bag is always a sign to buy new makeup products for the worn-out ones, you may say a calling of nature. Enough about us, let’s talk about you!

Do you have a makeup bag? If yes, well we absolutely adore you. If you don’t have a makeup bag, where did it all went wrong? Look for answers while the questions follow you. 

While we were cleaning our makeup bags and filling them with new products, we remembered on how we always wanted to inspire makeup artists and teach them how to be ready in every situation. Your makeup bag needs some simple, classy and chic products from affordable stores. Find everything at one place and be on the move!

With that striking thought in mind, here’s an edition of what’s in our Makeup Bag by MEU Cosmetics. With pure honesty and real authenticity, let’s begin-

1)  Sunscreen

Burning from scorching heat waves? No, thank you! The main step for setting a successful makeup bag is choosing the essentials. Wherever we go, we need something which keeps our skin protected at any costs. We don’t think we will ever get off the train because we love this product.








Our love for this product extends even more because sunscreens protect us from skin cancer, sunburn and prevents damage of skin cells according to Cleveland Clinic. Knowing that our skin is safe and protected is enough to spend a day with a smile. With this essential in the makeup bag, we set out to spend our day with joy! 

2)  Brushes

Do we move anywhere without perfect makeup brushes in our bag? You guessed it right, of course not! If it would be up to us, we would have filled our bag with thousands of brushes, specifically with the set of 16 brushes! Luckily, we carry only a set of brushes which is perfect for blending your makeup at any time. With the perfect bristles and right technique of using the makeup brush, we know we’re always ready to make the most out of this situation. Just a bonus tip, we heard it a thousand times that you can never go wrong with MEU Cosmetics brush sets. They’re known for their magical spark, try it out. From buying a perfect makeup brush to storing them, cleaning and using them is a pure struggle but the result is always worth it. Makeup brushes have thousands of uses but they come in handy while doing makeup. There are various types of makeup brushes for you to try out but start with the one which fills your soul for makeup.  (https://www.meucosmetics.com/collections/brushes)

Professional Makeup Brush set








3)  Setting powder

The world is known as a scary place as your makeup keeps getting messed up as soon as you walk out of your home to the streets. The makeup seems drifting away and a setting powder always comes in handy. We value our makeup bag more and know what needs to be done when life gets out of hand. You just need a brush and a swing of setting powder to get your shine back. This sounds enough, right?

4)  Lipstick

A tint shade of our favourite colour lipstick in the makeup bag near us gives a comfort we seek for. No one ever has many lipsticks, we always have less! Our safest product in our makeup bag will probably be lipstick.








As you know, Lipstick helps to provide confidence when we feel unworthy, professionalism when we’re trying to get things right and an expression of self when we use art other than words to express our inner self.

5)  Mascara

When you know you’ve an important day and you need to look iconic, mascara is a must. Mascara is known for aiming to lengthen, enhance and define eyelashes. The best thing is that it makes your eyes look attractive. The best connection you can make with someone is through your eyes, basically eye contact. We need to show the shine in our eyes which is sparkling, joyful and playful.








Who doesn’t love when their eyes speak boldness and their posture says fierceness?

6)  Makeup Palette

We meet new people every day and don’t you feel like you need a new look every day? We long for some changes in ourselves and the best thing to start with is makeup! As all you need is right by your side, pick up the products and set out to create magic. Makeup Palette is perfect for us as it helps to get a ravishing makeup look! We love to carry one around as it has different colours and textures mixed together and put in an easy-to-use palette which makes it handy and absolutely worth it. Makeup palette is an artistic tool used by an artist to create magic on a canvas, known as your eyes!

7)  Concealer

A product we all crave for as it is officially the star product of our makeup bag. A concealer can do a lot of work on your skin that you never thought of. It hides dark circles, age spots, blemishes and blends these imperfections into the skin. The humblest product which does it all. It got you covered when you pulled an all-nighter but the next day, you had an important meeting.








Think wisely before you put in products in your makeup bag as someday, they are your savior!

8)  Moisturizer

Last but not least, you’ll always find a moisturizer in our makeup bag. And the simplest answer is the more time you spend on doing your makeup; make sure you give the same to skincare. As for moisturizer, it helps to reduce dryness or oiliness in the skin. It maintains skin’s integrity and improves skin barrier repair. A product which makes all of the above shine!


Ah, that’s not a lot! For a makeup artist, these products are just a few. Remember, if you want to add something more to your makeup bag, squeeze it a little bit, there’s always space for makeup! These were the products in our makeup bag which are kept when we’re in a run. No matter how late we get, we never run out of makeup brushes. Excuse us for being biased but a makeup artist without proper makeup tools will always feel incomplete and uncertain. Brushes are the start to your makeup and without them, there’s no spark. In short, you’ll feel incomplete without makeup brushes. Keep the useful tools first and then skip down the list

 Moisturizer cream






What are some essential makeup products you definitely need to make your life better? Are these products in your makeup bag?


Let’s chat in the comment section of what we need more and what are you missing out on!