About Us




Experience the best of both worlds

An Indian cosmetics brand that is committed to providing

its customers with the

best of both worlds:- premium quality and affordability.

We at MEU empower makeup enthusiasts to elevate their artistry with

our makeup tools designed for maximum precision. Our products are

completely handmade and crafted with the best vegan and cruelty-free methods.

Our makeup tools are loved by the top makeup experts and bloggers.

For any support, please feel free to write to us at help@meucosmetics.com
or +9187005 11880

Our Mission – 


Since our inception, our core mission has always been to make quality makeup tools available to all at affordable prices. We firmly believe that everyone deserves the best of both worlds: premium quality and affordability, and they shouldn’t have to compromise on either of them.


Our Vision - 


Why MEU - MEU comprises Me+U, where 'ME' is the product and 'U' refers to the customers. Both are interconnected, as ‘ME' provides 'U' with makeup tools and products that bring out the best in ‘U’ while ‘U’ helps ‘ME’ to grow. 

Hence, we believe in providing our customers with the best products that are formulated after extensive research, while our customers’ love and support help us to grow further.



We don't exist merely because we are a brand of cosmetics. We believe in chances. A chance for every individual to feel what it's like to turn heads when they walk into a room. Every person has the right to be confident, bold, and brave, and we are here to make that happen.
No, we are not just another cosmetics brand. We are MEU, and we are here for you. ❞ Arjun Nanda Co-founder