Arjun Nanda - Co-founder

Arjun Nanda


Arjun Nanda Co-founder of meu cosmetics

Who am I? Has always been one of my favourite questions to answer. But right now, I am the co-founder of MEU Cosmetics. I don’t like to use the word “I” when I talk about MEU because every essence of MEU is made of hundreds of people and their thousands of hours of effort.


I hail from a very humble background with your typical Indian parents, who wanted me to pursue the typical Indian dream of a safe job and a stable career. But, from a very young age, I have tried my best to understand the world around me, and throughout my lifetime, I have dove headfirst into whatever life had in store for me. At the age of 17, I began working here and there to learn and experience as much as possible. This constant need to learn more and be more has become one of the core reasons for me being here. Several mistakes and rewards later, I still haven’t been satisfied. Life will always be an endless voyage for me.


I have swum in many seas, I’ve been a fitness instructor, a graphic designer, a writer, a hotelier, a teacher, and now I’m a proud entrepreneur of two businesses. Common Collar and MEU Cosmetics. With MEU, I wanted to combine my years of diverse experience and create a company that is truly made for the people. Our product is more than just a brush; it is a synthesis of the stories of hundreds of people who are involved in the production of our products. And here we are inviting you to be a part of our journey too!