Taarini’s Buffing Buddies 5 Pcs Professional Face Brush Set With Pouch

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Discover the MEU Cosmetics Handmade Premium Quality Makeup Brushes. Hand crafted with the finest materials, our brushes deliver flawless application and precise control. Elevate your beauty routine with professional-level results.



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5 piece face brush set: These are nothing like your regular face brushes, these are problem solving brushes and not just makeup application brushes. Its a package that will give you flawless results, no more cakey base, no more under eye creases, no more product layering, as these brushes will deposit and set the products to give you the most natural looking makeup, and you need very less makeup products with these brushes, thus, making them not only convenient but also efficient!

Recommended by India's Top Makeup Experts Taarini Makeover by Prerna.......

Color Corrector Brush(TF01):-This brush has that required angle to fit those ‘hollows’ - under the eyes and areas on the face where there is the most amount of pigmentation. The angle and density of the angled color corrector brush has been designed keeping in mind that ‘less is more’ when it comes to using color correctors and concealers - making sure the product stays in place, sets quickly and does not spread to areas where not needed.

Eraser Brush(TF02):-This is a unique concealer brush which helps you to not only deposit but also blend the concealer seamlessly. Say hello to no more harsh lines, no more going back to blenders to blend your concealer because this single brush will take care of it all! The size and tapering of this brush is perfect to conceal not only bigger areas of the face but also the smaller areas as the slight point at the end of this brush will help you deposit the product even in constricted areas.

Nose Contouring Brush(TF04):-The nose contouring brush is flat, angled and has just the right curves to create those natural shadows, depth and sharpness for the nose. This brush can be used for both creamy/liquid and powder bronzers and even contouring products. It blends the contour seamlessly. a very unique in itself design, that aims to help you in achieving the nose contour that you want.

Under Eye Powder Brush(TF06):-With the Under Eye Powder Brush, you can now say bye bye to those cracks in the under eye lines because this powder brush is here to rescue you! With its soft bristles, an ideal shape and its flatness - this brush will set that under eye to perfection, without disturbing any layer of makeup underneath.

Glow Getter Brush(TF09):-The angle around the bristles of the tapered highlighter brush will help you to pick the product in a single sweep across the pan and it will blend the highlighter as you apply it - saving both time and product. You will never have to worry about getting those harsh highlighter lines anymore and it works equally effectively with loose highlighter powders - as the bristles will move swiftly across the face giving a natural glow and smooth final finish.


  • Handmade with Wooden-handle & Premium Ferrule.
  • 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.
  • Soft & Gentle on Skin with Perfect Grip.
  • Premium Quality Brushes at Affordable Prices.
  • Crafted & Designed for problem solving.
  • Effortless & Flawless Blending.

Taarini's X MEU Professional brush set is your perfect partner in achieving those stunning looks. With high-quality bristles and specially designed precise cuts, Taarini's X MEU Professional Brushes are the best choice of every makeup enthusiast. Taarini's X MEU professional makeup brushes are Handmade, 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free.

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  • Company Address:- GF 16/454 T.P. Mayur Vihar Phase 1 East Delhi, DL, India
  • Country of Origin:- MADE IN INDIA
  • Marketed and Packed by:- LAC MAKEUP STUDIO PVT LTD

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q - What Brushes Do I Actually Require?         

Ans - 

You often hear from a professional about their collection of 200-300 makeup brushes. But in reality, you only need 10-16 makeup brushes to create any look flawlessly without any trials and tribulations.
MEU has created 4 such sets that caters to your specific needs. Eye set, face set, face+eye set and a complete 16 pcs brush set. Which you definitely require if you're a professional or a beginner.
Do checkout the brushes on the given link https://www.meucosmetics.com/collections/brushes


 Q - Why Clean Makeup Brushes? 

Ans - 

 If you don't frequently wash your makeup brushes after they become caked with product and facial dust, they will eventually become harsh and dry. Skin irritation can also result from dirty brushes. As a result, routinely washing your makeup brushes maintains them smooth and shields your skin from harm


Q - How Should I Take Care Of And Clean My Brushes?

Ans - 

There are some pro-tips for making your brushes last. Make sure that you keep your brushes clean and sanitized by applying spray. And if you use a brush daily, then deep cleaning is required, once a week. With proper care, brushes can last a lifetime.


Q - How Frequently Should I Clean My Brushes?

Ans - 

You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that brushes often used with liquid formulas like foundation and concealer should only be washed once per week. Once every two weeks is best for cleaning other brushes used for eye shadow and powder blush.


Q - Do Makeup Brushes Ever Result In Allergic Reactions?

Ans - 

Yes, to answer briefly. Not all people's skin types respond well to the materials used to produce makeup brushes. Some people get skin irritation from the fine polyester fibers that some brushes gradually lose.


Q - Are Makeup Brush Sets Good?

Ans - 

Brush sets are really an investment you just can't say no to. Not just they cost less compared to buying brushes individually, they also carry all the essentials tools you need in one package. We at MEU have carefully crafted such few packages you can check them out in the following link https://www.meucosmetics.com/collections/brushes



Q - When To Buy Replacement Makeup Brushes?

Ans - 

Every one to three years, you should recommend replacing your makeup brushes. Whether they are application brushes for eyeshadow, blush, or bronzer, makeup brushes should all be washed once a week for maintenance.

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Beautiful set of well made brushes that are soft and dont shed

Incredible brushes

What a great qualtiy. Was amazed when used.

Best , best and best!!!

Brilliant value Product - soft brushes and plenty of variety, GO FOR IT! Guys