Taarini’s Whisking Wonders 7 Pcs Professional Eye Makeup Brush Set With Pouch

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Discover the MEU Cosmetics Handmade Premium Quality Makeup Brushes. Hand crafted with the finest materials, our brushes deliver flawless application and precise control. Elevate your beauty routine with professional-level results.



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7 piece eye brush set: Our master eye brushes, that includes our ultimate eye blending trio “The Whiskers” along with other eye brushes inculcated with years of trial and error, and the need for right eye makeup tools is what inspired these brushes. These brushes will give you seamless blending in the most effortless way, I promise you! These are Art brushes, so that you can create art and take down the walls that limit your creativity.

Recommended by India's Top Makeup Experts Taarini Makeover by Prerna.......

Small whisker(TE10):-This brush is used to get those small areas of the eyes covered and provides for a more controlled application of the products. Using this brush you can deposit and blend only on a particular area that you want to because its bristles are fluffy yet very compact. This brush can also be used as an eraser to blend away any harsh lines easily.

Medium whisker(TE11):-This brush is a tad bit bigger than our small blending brush giving you the perfect bristles and shape to blend & fuse together those transition colors on your crease. We highly recommend you to use this brush to apply loose glitters and glue on eyelids as well.

Large whisker(TE12):-This brush is perfect for the bigger areas on the eyes and to blend together all the shades creating that perfect harmony between all the colors used on the eyes, keeping them divided yet united.

Detailing Brush(TE13):-This brush will give you the most precise smudging and blending for the lower lash line eye makeup and to smudge your eye liners in the simplest way possible. This detailing brush is also the perfect brush for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes.

The Fuzzy Crayon(TE14):-The crayon brush is pretty much a big pencil brush but with a soft round tip to define those outer eye corners smoothly and to draw, merge or add color to your eyes precisely and seamlessly.

Flat Pigment Brush(TE15):-This flat shader brush has the perfect density and bristle types to help you with both your creamy and powder products. It picks up all kinds of eye pigments whether loose or pressed and even helps to place them on the lid in just a single sweep - melting the product wherever it’s placed. This brush has been designed in such a way that it does not absorb any eyeshadow pigment giving you the exact same effect as using your fingers to apply those shimmery pigments.

Brow-Blade(TE16):-Yes, we call it a blade, but it's harmless, and of course, not really a blade. This brush will give you the most controlled, thin, neat and the sharpest strokes ever. You can use it to mimic brow hair and it provides you with lines as sharp as real hair, thus it will help to define and shape your brows making them look as natural as possible. It is also the perfect size to fill any gaps in the brows. The browblade is dual ended and is accompanied by a spoolie to brush those brow hair, separate them and even blend the brow products.


  • Handmade with Wooden-handle & Premium Ferrule.
  • 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.
  • Soft & Gentle on Skin with Perfect Grip.
  • Premium Quality Brushes at Affordable Prices.
  • Crafted & Designed for problem solving.
  • Effortless & Flawless Blending.

Taarini's X MEU Professional brush set is your perfect partner in achieving those stunning looks. With high-quality bristles and specially designed precise cuts, Taarini's X MEU Professional Brushes are the best choice of every makeup enthusiast. Taarini's X MEU professional makeup brushes are Handmade, 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free.

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  • Country of Origin:- MADE IN INDIA
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q - What Brushes Do I Actually Require?         

Ans - 

You often hear from a professional about their collection of 200-300 makeup brushes. But in reality, you only need 10-16 makeup brushes to create any look flawlessly without any trials and tribulations.
MEU has created 4 such sets that caters to your specific needs. Eye set, face set, face+eye set and a complete 16 pcs brush set. Which you definitely require if you're a professional or a beginner.
Do checkout the brushes on the given link https://www.meucosmetics.com/collections/brushes


 Q - Why Clean Makeup Brushes? 

Ans - 

 If you don't frequently wash your makeup brushes after they become caked with product and facial dust, they will eventually become harsh and dry. Skin irritation can also result from dirty brushes. As a result, routinely washing your makeup brushes maintains them smooth and shields your skin from harm


Q - How Should I Take Care Of And Clean My Brushes?

Ans - 

There are some pro-tips for making your brushes last. Make sure that you keep your brushes clean and sanitized by applying spray. And if you use a brush daily, then deep cleaning is required, once a week. With proper care, brushes can last a lifetime.


Q - How Frequently Should I Clean My Brushes?

Ans - 

You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that brushes often used with liquid formulas like foundation and concealer should only be washed once per week. Once every two weeks is best for cleaning other brushes used for eye shadow and powder blush.


Q - Do Makeup Brushes Ever Result In Allergic Reactions?

Ans - 

Yes, to answer briefly. Not all people's skin types respond well to the materials used to produce makeup brushes. Some people get skin irritation from the fine polyester fibers that some brushes gradually lose.


Q - Are Makeup Brush Sets Good?

Ans - 

Brush sets are really an investment you just can't say no to. Not just they cost less compared to buying brushes individually, they also carry all the essentials tools you need in one package. We at MEU have carefully crafted such few packages you can check them out in the following link https://www.meucosmetics.com/collections/brushes



Q - When To Buy Replacement Makeup Brushes?

Ans - 

Every one to three years, you should recommend replacing your makeup brushes. Whether they are application brushes for eyeshadow, blush, or bronzer, makeup brushes should all be washed once a week for maintenance.

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